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Sixth Finger is a London-based multimedia platform aimed for inspiring and uniting like-minded individuals through the fields of fashion, art, culture,
music and architecture.

We developed our platform with a goal to present a variety of work created through different medias and provide our readers with unique interactive experience.

With a strong emphasis on minimalistic aesthetic, innovation and outstanding design, we only focus on unique, exceptional ideas. Each of our issues is based around a certain subject, which is thoughtfully picked by us. We try to keep our content as pure as possible to fulfil the aesthetic requirements and evoke strong emotional responses from our readers around the world.

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Sixth Finger is welcoming contributions from talented artists, photographers, stylists and creatives. If you like what we do and want to join our network- simply contact us with few examples of your work/portfolio.
Please note that due to high amounts of e-mails we are only able to respond to successful candidates.