L.A boy meets japanese glamour sumo match. This is the main concept of the new spring/summer collection from the London-based brand Astrid Andersen. The juxtaposition of strong shapes and soft natural prints are the trademark combination of the runway show and the trademark pieces are the kimono-inspired tops and coats that still have that inner hip-hop street wear style so characteristic of Andersen. Also the silhouettes of every piece and the materials are very important, because we see again this interplay between the masculine and the feminine that it’s important not only in Andersen but also in Asian cultures. The main point of the show, were the materials because they’re used in unexpected ways like the mink tanks tops, or the half-neoprene jackets which were combined with these macho-muscular models wearing basketball pieces with an over saturation of purple and orange and some Nike tabi shoes.

Text: Mateo Soto

Categories: Fashion