Spring/summer 2015 background

Versatility is the focus for HOMIC’s spring/summer 2015 collection entitled “expeditions”. Garments pay homage to the nomadic lifestyle of indigenous tribes in far Asia and Africa. Swaths of fabric, conical silhouettes and durable materials show the constant transition of a lifestyle in motion. Each piece reflects the mentality of adaptation; the individual can change the garments look and wearability through the application of ties and closure details, reinforcing HOMIC’s philosophy that garments are meant to last.

Designer Bio

Graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Joshua Homic launched his namesake RTW label HOMIC in 2014. With a concentration on pattern making, HOMIC combines geometric forms and unique textiles to create unisex silhouettes that convey a androgynous lifestyle. Our philosophy is dictated by aesthetic utility; we believe garments reflect a human passion to evolve. HOMIC garments are more than a monetary value, they represent the potential of change.

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