Klekko AW 14/15 Numer 3/3 Bolder Line

The emerging Polish clothing brand Klekko that is currently based in Berlin, launches the new autumn/winter 2014/2015 collection ‘Numer 3/3 Bolder Line’. Klekko is a young polish brand combining avant-garde with unrestricted sporty style, focussing on a strong and firm silhouette. It is fully dedicated to the process of destruction, internal struggle and disintegration, observed from a distance, without comments, or any clear punch line. This collection is addressed to fans of minimalist cut with a sense of edginess and severity.

It is never a blurred vision that Klekko transmits with their aesthetics. Being faithful to their characteristic linear cuts, the designers focussed this time on the silhouette lines making them stronger than before, more defined and uncompromising. The founders behind Klekko are two architecture graduates. Julia Łoś and Joanna Krawczyk build a distinctive brand style based on the geometry, black and texture. ( Their collections are developed from emotions and stories which are then translated into lines, and architectural vision is very recognisable in all structure and form. )

For the first time Klekko introduces clearly extended proportions and layering. Numer 3/3 Bolder Line is graphical in nature, what is noticeable in the interlacing elements of the top, stripes on the jacket and the bold loincloth. As always with Klekko the game of details completes the clothes, giving them recognisable distinctness. Asymmetric stand-up collars and diagonal yokes are just a few examples of experimenting with geometry.

The collection is available on www.klekko.com.
Categories: Fashion