4th Issue Poster


To celebrate the launch of issue four, we’ve released a limited edition poster. Printed on high-quality Hahnemuhle cotton paper, it features the cover art of our current theme, ‘The Future Is In Diversity’. Purchasing a copy directly supports Sixth Finger: All money are reinvested in the magazine so we can keep our content free for you.


Product Description

The subject is seen through the prism of crystal, and depending on the angle you choose to look through, the image may get distorted and be seen in a different way. In this case, this crystal represents the diversity of the human opinion towards things. By claiming that the future is in diversity we mean that there are as many opinions as there are people on this planet. And by being attentive and gathering as many views on a given situation as possible we may gain wisdom and understand our world much better.
Created by Jakub Kubica

Additional Information


A2 (42.0cm x 59.4cm)


240g Matte Hahnemuhle fine art cotton paper